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Library Services

Zenga Library and Media Center

Located in the heart of campus, the Zenga Center is a quiet place for students to study and relax. It also features the Financial Literacy Lab, a technology based room that keeps students up to date on the latest information from the business world including stocks and statistics. 


Coindre Digital Library

With nearly 800,000 selections, the Saint Joseph Coindre Digital Library is the largest high school library in the United States.

Containing audio, video, and text selections, including books, documentaries, languages, lectures, movies, music, theater, and more, the library’s scholastic and leisure content can be accessed by faculty, students, parents and alumni at any time, anywhere in the world.

Research is easy as the digital card catalog employs a unique plain-language multi-media overlay system which presents all search-relevant video, audio, and text material to the user.

The lifetime membership for graduates provides our college bound young men with an invaluable academic resource.

For access to the Coindre Digital Library, please email