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Health Office

Saint Joseph Health Services

Welcome to the Health Office web page. This information is being provided to you in an effort to help familiarize you with the health services offered at Saint Joseph. There are two nurses who work in the Health Office which is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. during the school year. The Health Office is closed over the Summer.




All student illnesses and injuries that occur during the school day will be evaluated and treated by the School Nurse. In the event that it is determined that a student will need to be sent home, the School Nurse will contact the Parent/Guardian. If the student has an injury or medical condition which requires him to be excused from PE class, then a note from your healthcare provider is required. Any student with a temperature of 100 degrees or above should remain home until fever free (without the use of fever reducing medicine) for 24 hours. If a student comes to the Health Office and has a temperature of 100 degrees or above, then his parent/guardian will be contacted to take him home. EMS (911) will be contacted at the discretion of the School Nurse and/or School Leadership, depending on the severity of the illness/injury. The student will be accompanied by a School Official.



Before any medication, whether prescribed or over the counter, may be administered to or by any student during school hours, the following documentation must be provided to the Health Office: Authorization for Administration of Medicine in School, OR Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication in School. In the case of students with life-threatening allergies, an Anaphylaxis Care Plan is required. For students with asthma, either an Asthma Care Plan or The Authorization to Administer Medication in School/Authorization for Self-Administration of Medication in School (depending on whether the Health Office holds the inhaler or the student holds the inhaler) is acceptable. No medication shall be dispensed, nor will students be allowed to have medication in their possession without the required documentation. Medication forms can be found on the school website under Parents, Forms. All medication must be brought to school in the original labeled container by the student to be stored securely in the Health Office. With the proper documentation, students may carry and self-administer medication such as asthma inhalers and epinephrine auto injectors without the supervision of the School Nurse.


Health Screenings

The following screenings will be completed by the School Nurse for students who provide Chapter 226 Permission Form to the Health Office:

Grade 10- Hearing screening, scoliosis check (if not included in physical on file). 

Grade 11- Hearing screening, scoliosis check (if not included in physical on file).


Emergency Contact Information

In the event of illness or injury that occurs during the school day, it is important to keep all contact information up-to-date. We always call Parents/Guardians first, but we recommend that Parents/Guardians list as many contacts as possible in case the Health Office is unable to contact a Parent/Guardian. 



All students are required to submit a current physical to the Health Office. This document consists of four pages and is found on the school website under Parents, Forms. Please print the forms, and take them with you to the appointment (all four pages are required). Physicals are valid for one year. Please provide an updated physical should it expire during the school year. The Athletic Director has access to these dates as well for any sports physical requirements. Please do not give coaches the original physical forms, as the AD will notify coaches if an updated physical is required.


For any other questions/concerns related to the health care of your child, please contact the School Nurses at 732-549-7600 ext. 224, or

Mrs. Smiley, RN

Mrs. Seifert, RN