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Meet the Athletic Trainer

Timothy mancuso '08

Throughout his career, Mr. Mancuso has been able to provide Athletic Training services in multiple settings from middle school sports to professional sports. With over 10 years experience as a certified athletic trainer and NASM performance enhancement specialist, he has been able to use his knowledge to put together preventative programs, provide comprehensive treatments, and provide rehab programs to help his athletes return their sport and compete at a high level.

After graduating Saint Joes in 2008, Tim went on to graduate from the Duquesne University Athletic Training Program, and received his Master's Degree through Touro University Worldwide in Health Education. Tim believes it is important to keep learning and developing new skills to provide the highest quality of care to his athletes, through participating in new and advanced continuing education courses.

Mr. Mancuso's hobbies include serving as a swim coach, beach lifeguard and spending time with family and friends. 

His advice to Saint Joe's students is: "Take more advantage of everything St. Joes has to offer in order to set yourself up for better future success."

Contact information

Email Address:

Phone Number: 732-549-7600 ext. 240



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