Academic Areas
The English Department provides the quintessential foundation for all students graduating from Saint Joseph High School who intend to further their education at the collegiate level. In order to be prepared for the rigors of college, students are challenged to improve their reading comprehension, written and spoken communication skills, grammar usage, and vocabulary knowledge. The curriculum supports good organizational, time management, and study skills; additionally, teachers encourage and reward originality while explaining, clarifying, and reinforcing what constitutes plagiarism. Through extensive reading in various genres of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama, students learn how to read, evaluate, analyze, and appreciate literature. All students learn Modern Language Association (MLA) research format, which includes a thesis, supportive quotations, internal citations, and a Works Cited page. 

​​​​​​​Courses Offered
English I
English I Honors
English II
English II Honors
English III
English III Advanced Placement Language and Composition
English III Honors
English IV Advanced Placement Literature and Composition
English IV Honors
Public Speaking: Speech and Personal Communication