Magnus Health

When you create your Saint Joseph High School PowerSchool parent account, you will gain access to your son’s Magnus Health SMR.  It will take 24 hours to synchronize your son’s data to Magnus Health after your PowerSchool parent account is created.   You will access Magnus Health via the button titled “Applications” located in the top right hand corner of your PowerSchool parent account.  When you click on “Applications,” a dropdown will appear titled “Magnus Health.”  Please click “Magnus Health,” and you will be redirected to your son’s Magnus Health Front Desk.  Please use the images as a reference.

***All inquires regarding Magnus Health will be handled directly by the Magnus Help Desk.  If you are in need of direct assistance please click the link below for the Magnus Help Desk.***

Magnus Help Desk 

You can also call the Magnus Help Desk at the numbers located below:

Help Desk Number: (877) 461-6831

Outside of US callers: (919) 502-7689