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Throughout the history of Saint Joseph, the athletic policy has concentrated on creating for its students opportunities that will become an integral part of the education and development of the " whole student." Saint Joseph firmly believes that athletics play an important role in this regard and as such has great interest in the student's physical well-being and development. As a consequence, athletic programs are designed to benefit the entire student body.

The growth of athletic activities over the years has provided Saint Joseph High School the opportunity to develop an athletic program that complements the quality academics of the school, providing opportunities for the students to enrich their talents in the areas of leadership, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

The variety of interscholastic programs allows a degree of competitiveness so that each student can find his level of participation to be an enjoyable experience. There are assorted awards earned in these sports, but the real reward for the student-athlete is the opportunity to participate with some degree of efficiency, success, and enjoyment.

Saint Joseph offers students, through these athletic programs, a valuable experience as part of life during their days in high school. The premise is that these sports will provide moral, social, physical, and educational values. The ultimate goal is that something special is offered to each student-athlete as an opportunity to participate at his level of interest and capability.