Coding / Hack Club

Learning to code is uniquely like gaining a superpower; it converts you from a consumer to a creator. Suddenly, computers become your tool to bring your ideas to life.

Make, from anywhere.

There’s never been a better time for making! Anywhere in the world, anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can learn to make an app. Building things has never been so globally democratized.

Hack, hack, hack.

The goal of Coding Club (aka Hack Club) is to help you become a “hacker” - The coder who makes good and useful materials with code.  We want people who want to create interesting things with code. We want to make building things accessible to every student — whether you are an expert, or a beginner with little or no coding experience.  

Start building.

There will be no formal teaching at the Coding Club. So at Coding Club, you learn to code entirely through building things from the resources provided. You may start with no experience but end up building an awesome app.

Learn as you build.

Through discussions, you’ll be walked through building projects. Starting out, you may not understand how the code works, but you’ll build understanding as you go. You’ll get stuck along the way, but members (aka the “hackers”) of the club will help each other. There will be several group projects to give you opportunities to work on a team.

And there are other benefits too.

  1. Club membership fulfills one requirement for you to become a member of the National Honors Technical Society (NHTS).

  2. Attend hackathons (coding competitions).

  3. Boost your resume for college.

  4. More opportunities for future job offers.

  5. Make new friends.