Thank you for your interest in the Saint Joseph High School Tennis Program!  We are looking forward to an exciting and productive season and hope that you will be a part of it!  Having had extensive experience in the development of highly competitive tennis players, I am eager to make a contribution to the improvement and success of our Saint Joseph players. 
Our schedule this year will be tough as we prepare for a very challenging season in the White Division of the Greater Middlesex County (GMC) conference during the 2016 season.  We must begin to prepare ourselves now if we are to be competitive.  Your efforts will determine our success!  To reach our goals it is important that you begin doing the following in preparation for the season: 
• Play tennis regularly (2-3 times per week at least)
• Enter United States Tennis Association tournaments for valuable playing experience
• Seek out additional lessons and coaching with a Pro or in a clinic
• Begin your own conditioning routine and attend the pre-season conditioning sessions
Thank you,