Saint Joseph High School operates as a rolling admission process. Although most students complete the process int he fall, some students do apply throughout the academic year. Spaces are limited and seats may not be available after the fall applicant season. 

Please contact the Admissions Office should you have any questions
​​​​​​​(732) 549 - 7600 x221

Prospective students must:
  1. Complete the FORMAL ONLINE APPLICATION for Saint Joseph High School by November 1, 2019.  Application SHOULD be submitted prior to taking the entrance exam.
  2. Submit TRANSCRIPT RELEASE FORM to current school by November 1, 2019. This will allow the school 2 weeks to prepare and send the documents to SJHS in time for the November 15 deadline.  
  3. Register and take the Saint Joseph High SCHOOL ENTRANCE EXAM. (Available dates: November 2, November 8, November 9.) 
The forms are available for download below: 
  1. Online Application​​​​​​​
        2. Transcript Release Form​​​​​​​

             Will include final grades for 6th grade and 7th grade. First quarter of the prospective student's 8th grade year may be included as well along with 2 years of standardized test scores.

Grades and standardized test scores are due by November 15.

*Students must be pre-registered for the Saint Joseph High School Entrance Exam.  Please see our Entrance Exam page for registration materials
**Applications are due before students are scheduled to take their Entrance Exam.

Grades and standardized test scores (from the current school) must be mailed to:
                 Saint Joseph High School
                 Admissions Office
                 145 Plainfield Ave.
                 Metuchen, NJ 08840