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Belief Statement
Saint Joseph High School 

We believe that our tradition of excellence in education empowers and transforms the individual.

We believe that single-sex education fosters a unique opportunity for young men to focus on their formation and education.

We believe that the Spirituality of the Heart of Jesus guides and influences all of our endeavors and is reflected in all relationships of competent compassion.

We believe that the academic freedom experienced at Saint Joseph High School fosters a lifelong love of learning and a genuine desire to understand people and the world.

We believe that our commitment to issues of social justice, as articulated in Scripture, statements of U.S. Catholic Bishops, and the documents of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, inspires in our students a drive for compassionate professionalism in their future careers.

We believe that establishing relationships in school and in the community engenders mutual respect, acceptance of differences, responsibility, accountability, and cooperation.

We believe that participation in co-curricular and interscholastic activities and athletics augments students’ academic pursuits through encouraging peer and faculty and staff interaction, teamwork, and exposure to lifelong hobbies and interests.

Educational Charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart

The charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is a gift from God to the Church. Our predecessors make us heirs of this charism through their devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As members of a school community striving to embody this charism, our primary mission is the evangelization of young people.

Today, we draw our inspiration from a spirituality of love expressed in the Gospel and lived through the compassion of Christ. This spirituality informs, shapes, and directs the educational ministry of the school community. Through our commitment as professional educators in the faith, we nurture and model love and compassion in the Christian community.

Each and every student is known, valued, treasured, and taught in partnership with the family. Hospitality, availability, personal interest, and concern for others are hallmarks of this charism. We emphasize the formation of a whole person, traditional values, high expectations, self-discipline, fairness, professional competence, and collaboration.

The respect, kindness, and concern, which flow from the charism, are signs within the school of the compassion of Christ.
(March 1992)
Reaffirmed, April 2006

Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Joseph High School is to cultivate a desire for life-long learning, nurture the integration of faith and academic inquiry, and instill values of integrity and compassion in the tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Philosophy of Saint Joseph High School

In response to the gospel message of hope and the mission of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, Saint Joseph High School provides a college preparatory education for young men in the traditions of the Catholic Church. In the context of a dynamic community, with the vision of faith that fosters justice, students are helped to maximize their God-given abilities and to become witnesses of love through a practical concern for others.

Each student’s faith-life is developed and nurtured by a dedicated faculty and staff and a spirited student body. Together, they form a community that seeks to understand the Christian truths revealed for our salvation. By religious instruction, authentic in doctrine and vital in Catholic formation, students are challenged to grow in both personal responsibility and a freedom reflective of Gospel values. Through campus ministry, the religious program, and school sponsored organizations, students are offered frequent opportunities to grow in awareness of Christian service in practice. The Eucharist, related worship opportunities, and spirituality days help students grow in their faith and their relationship with God. The academic program is designed to provide a systematic approach to the holistic development of the individual. The college preparatory education emphasizes training in basic skills and encourages critical and creative thinking with an emphasis on the active role of students in the learning process. Working together with parents, teachers, and staff, the school encourages students to become mature adults with a healthy sense of self-esteem. The integration of religious truths and academic principles is stressed along with an eagerness to pursue the challenges and responsibilities of an adult Christian life.

Saint Joseph High School offers a curriculum with a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences through required and elective courses, where students learn to understand and integrate the skills necessary to support comprehension and effective communication. In the humanities, students strive to develop an appreciation of social evaluation through the study of history, literature, language, and cultures. By means of a sequential program, they acquire literacy in the physical sciences and learn the skillful application of mathematical and scientific methods. A professional guidance program enhances the classroom structure and supports the family in its role as the primary educator of the student.

The school endeavors to create a positive climate that cultivates a spirit of affirmation within a structure of order, wherein student commitment toward personal and group responsibility is fostered. With the strong support of faculty and staff advisors, students are encouraged to strengthen leadership skills and to develop interpersonal relationships to prepare them to pursue college life and future careers. The school’s commitment to the overall well being of the individual is further enhanced by quality interscholastic athletic and school-wide activities programs that provide an atmosphere of healthy competition and respect for the individual. An essential aim of Saint Joseph High School’s diverse programs is to assist young men to face the perplexities and complexities of life with a dynamic spirit, a humane Catholic perspective, and a determined fortitude. As they navigate their way through life, students learn to marshal and incarnate the broad and noble teaching disseminated at Saint Joseph High School, so as to live judiciously and wisely, and thereby bring honor and grace to themselves, their families, and the human community.
(May 1996)
Edited and reaffirmed, April 2006

School Overview

Saint Joseph High School is a private Catholic all-boys college preparatory school located on a seventy-acre tract of land in Metuchen and Edison, New Jersey. It is operated by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, who have been active in American education since their arrival from Lyons, France in 1847. From 1901 to 1961, Saint Joseph served as a center for training and educating Brothers prior to their apostolate in Catholic education. The main school building was dedicated in the spring of 1963.

The faculty and staff are comprised of competent lay and religious educators. The vision guiding Saint Joseph High School is that of the gospels and Catholic tradition. The school draws students from a wide geographic area encompassing over forty school districts and over seventy grammar schools in Middlesex, Somerset, and Union Counties, as well as other
outlying areas.

Saint Joseph High School welcomes students of diverse races, ethnic origins, or creeds in its educational, athletic, and activities programs. Because Saint Joseph High School is a Catholic high school, all students, without exception, participate in our program of religious studies and worship services.

Saint Joseph High School
Graduate Profile

The Saint Joseph High School graduate has a well-rounded education spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, with Christ-like maturity, so that he is equipped with the ability to fulfill his mission in this world as taught to him in accordance with the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

A Saint Joseph High School graduate is spiritually aware and has a vision of Christianity through having participated in daily prayer, Mass, and organized charitable works performed as community service in hospitals, schools, and other
local venues in the spirit of evangelization. He also is respectful and sensitive toward those of other beliefs. Our graduates value themselves as unique creations of God and realize that they are blessed with certain distinctive gifts,
which are to be used and cultivated to their full extent. Each graduate recognizes that he is a critical part of God’s plan for the world and that it is crucial that he fulfill the mission entrusted to him by our Creator.

A Saint Joseph High School graduate recognizes the significance of a well-balanced foundation in his language mastery and religious training, and his mathematical and scientific knowledge. He uses his knowledge of history to understand the present and to face the future. He recognizes that a sound mind in a healthy body is a perfect balance of God’s gifts. With this foundation, the graduate is both able to reach beyond cultural boundaries and will access the world thoughtfully and clearly. A graduate is able to face the questions of life with wit, imagination, courage, and confidence. His example will foster a love of learning and genuine desire to understand people and the world.

The graduate values his acquired knowledge, his service to the community, his civic duty, and his respect for cultural diversity. He appreciates his personal life of faith predicated upon Catholic ideals under the guidance of
the Holy Spirit.

Our graduate is a healthy, active member of society and has the ability to address the perplexities of life with fortitude and a Catholic perspective. He pursues individual excellence with all of the necessary tools to live an honorable life, thereby commanding respect for himself, his family, Saint Joseph High School, and the global community.