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Saint Joseph High School is once again in the process of accreditation, in conjunction with Middle States. These documents and information will give apprise you of the process as well as the objectives the school community has undertaken in order to continue the excellence of the mission and school.

Commission on Secondary Schools
Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is the affirmation that a school provides a quality of education that the community has a right to expect and the education world endorses. Accreditation is a means of showing confidence in a school's performance. When the Commission on Secondary Schools accredits a school, it certifies that the school has met the prescribed qualitative standards of the Middle States Association within the terms of the school's own stated philosophy and objectives.

The chief purpose of the whole accreditation process is the improvement of education for youth by evaluating the degree to which a school has attained worthwhile outcomes set by its own staff and community. This objective is accomplished by periodically conducting a comprehensive self-evaluation of the total school. Through the accreditation process, the school seeks the validation of its self-evaluation by obtaining professional judgment from impartial outsiders on the effectiveness of the total school operation. The intent throughout the process is more than to focus on shortcomings; the chief goal is to seek remedies for inadequacies and to identify and nurture good practices.

Accreditation of a secondary school is on an institutional basis. It should be noted that the whole school, not just one program, is validated by the accreditation.

The following are some of the many benefits of accreditation:
  • Greater clarity of purpose
  • Stronger internal relationships
  • Wider professional participation
  • More effective methods of planning for school improvement
  • Improved consistency between educational purpose and practice
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Saint Joseph High School is using the Validating the Vision assessment protocol for its self-evaluation and accreditation. The following pages (taken from the Validating the Vision text), provide background information on Catholic education and how this particular protocol is an instrument used in promoting the Catholic mission in a school.