Saint Joseph High School Peer Mentor Program



The Peer Mentor program serves two roles within the school;

  1. To create a positive school climate among students which fosters students’ personal and academic success
  2. To utilize Conflict Resolution as a resource for Discipline

Peer Mentors gain leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.


To help all students understand their personal value to our school community.

To enrich our community using peer to peer relationships effectively

To exemplify life situations where students think through problems and explore diverse alternatives.



  1. Peer Mentors are required to attend a one day workshop prior to Freshmen Orientation
  2. Peer Mentors are required to attend and coordinate activities for the Welcome Freshmen summer picnic.
  3. Faculty advisors are expected to attend workshops and Peer Mentor meetings.
  4. Upper classmen will visit Freshmen Religion courses to promote a positive school atmosphere and a cooperative relationship with faculty.
  5. Peer Mentors will invite “mentees” to have lunch together once per quarter
  6. Peer Mentors will work with incoming 8th graders in the spring semester to welcome and promote activities on our campus.
  7. Peer Mentors commit to confidentiality (as described by faculty moderators)
  8. Sophomores will be invited to apply in the spring semester
  9. Application (including a teacher recommendation) and an interview are required.