College Search and Application Information

The Guidance Department recommends that Saint Joseph High School students utilize information from college search websites in conjunction with their personalized Naviance accounts.


College and Career Search Information:

Connect to and complete applications for over 500 colleges; a powerful search engine for exploring college programs and financial aid opportunities.

Connect to a top source for researching colleges (specific programs) and summer study programs.

Search for colleges, register for the SAT on-line, obtain information about tests and college financing.

Visit the College section & select "Compare Colleges." It allows students to input four colleges and provides a great comparison sheet! Also allows students to explore their rankings for various college programs.

College and career information.

Information about college majors

New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator

The Common Application is recommended for over 700 selective private and public colleges and universities.  Many of these institutions use the form exclusively.  All give equal consideration to the Common Application and the college's own form.  On this website, discover a list of colleges and universities that accept the Common Application, the actual application, and supplementary forms.  If a college does not take the Common Application, then check the admissions section of the college's website to find their online application.