Senior Guidance Forms


1) Parent Information Sheet – Parents are requested to complete the sheet and return it to your son’s Guidance Counselor.  This can be returned via email, or sent into school with your son.

Tell us everything you have been holding in about how wonderful your son is and all of his great accomplishments that we may not be aware of. This form will be confidential between parents, your son, and his counselor. 


2) Student Information Sheet - This form is required by Guidance Counselors so that they can use the information, along with information they have gathered over the past three years, to help them write an in-depth personalized recommendation letter.  This recommendation letter will be sent to all colleges that students apply to. 


3) Sample Resume – It is always highly recommended that students prepare a resume. This can be provided to teachers as an aid for their recommendation letters, it is sometimes used for scholarship applications, and can be used, if needed, to be given to college representatives, coaches, or potential employers (part time job or summer employment.  The sample resume attached below is a good example of the format and content that is appropriate.

4)Transcript Request Form.  This form must be completed entirely and submitted to the Guidance Secretary a minimum of one week prior to the application deadline.  One Transcript Request Form must be submitted for each college/ university a student is applying to.     The application for the college/university must be complete before transcript request forms are submitted.

​​​​​​​5)  Junior Parent Information Evening (for senior year) handout.  All information provided at the event on 5/21/19 is attached below.