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SAT/ACT Test Preparation Program

Our test preparation course will prepare Saint Joseph High School students for the SAT and ACT tests. Our course will also help students determine which test is better suited for their strengths.

Students may custom design a program that is best for them, or they can enroll in an entire 24 hour program. This program will be offered again during the winter and summer for students who would prefer to prepare then.

These classes are offered to Saint Joseph High School students, hosted on our campus, and taught by our teachers. Students will be familiar with their classmates, surroundings, and instructors. Our teachers know exactly how the daily curriculum at Saint Joseph High School aligns with the SAT and the ACT and how to focus the knowledge base of our students so that test scores are optimized.

  Click on this link for information on pricing and program dates. Please contact Nicole Southern with any questions.

Contact Information:
Name: Mr. Mark Southern
Tel: 732-549-7600 x256