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Vignette Literary and Art Magazine Wins Top National Honors


Vignette Literary and Art Magazine Wins Top National Honors
Dylan Hollender

METUCHEN, NJ - Saint Joseph High School’s annual student writing and art publication, The Vignette, has won the Top Scoring Magazine for 2022 and Advisors with First Place with Special Merit award from the American Scholastic Press Association. 


First place was given to The Vignette, a magazine spanning 61 previous volumes, for being an excellent example of what a student-created magazine can accomplish in its content and design, thanks to the contributions of the staff and club moderator Paul Caruso. 


“Art, in the form of writing and fine art, is an essential element in a liberal arts education,” Caruso said. “The Vignette showcases the best-of-the best artistic expressions of our students, who represent their communities and their generation. The magazine is the voice of the experiences of Saint Joseph men; particular and distinct.”


Winning a prestigious first place award is a springboard for the magazine, inspiring the staff and students to continue to improve the publication with each year. 


“Most of the staff are in the club for four years or, at least, a few years, so they are responsible for maintaining the high standards and for being proactive to surpass those standards,” Caruso said. “The award comes with suggestions, based on the scoring. We take those suggestions to heart and use them for next and future publications.”

Past editions of The Vignette can be read here.

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