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The Next Generation of Giving


The Next Generation of Giving
  • Advancement
Dylan Hollender

Why Young Alumni are helping keep the tradition of excellence alive at Saint Joe's.

Saint Joseph High School has a rich history shaping the men of tomorrow. This is made possible through the generous donations of parents, friends of the school, and especially alumni. While some might assume that Falcons who have gone through the curriculum wait until later in life to give back, many young alumni begin their philanthropy early because of the strong sense of community and ties to the brotherhood.

“The Saint Joe’s brotherhood is men of the past, present, and future coming together to do their best work in a community that wants that,” Anthony Altobelli ‘21 said. “It’s a community that’s not typically found in other academic settings.”

Learning from the caring nature of the Brothers,  students take to heart the importance of helping others. Young alumni credit Saint Joe’s for their current successes, and give back to the school to provide those same life experiences to a younger generation. 

“Saint Joe’s changed my outlook on life,” Michael Altobelli ‘22 said. “From the Trenton JusticeworX trip my freshman year to being a Kairos retreat leader my senior year, it was the little life lessons along the way that formed me into who I am today.”

The young alumni who give back, many of whom are still in college, credit these opportunities as an integral part of the Saint Joseph experience, and wish to assist their current Falcon brothers.

“The programs that are funded by alumni, such as scholarships and JusticeworX, are great,” Jeffrey Lance ‘21 said.  “Being someone who went on JusticeworX, I don’t want students to miss out on that experience and that journey because of financial reasons.”

Giving back and “paying it forward” are ideas imparted on students in a strong education with Catholic values. 

“I have a brother in eighth grade who is going to Saint Joe’s next year. Giving back  helps him and others like him to have more opportunities,” Brady Patterson ‘21 said. “Anyone that went to Saint Joe’s is part of the brotherhood, and being able to help someone that is younger than me is something I would love to do.”  
The generosity of young alumni is a vital part of what allows Saint Joe’s to continue to thrive in its mission. Regardless of the size of the donation, every contribution to causes such as the Saint Joseph Annual Fund go a long way. Despite the many costs associated with life in college, the philanthropic spirit remains alive and well.

“Even though I am at a time in my life where there are a lot of expenses, whether it’s $5, $10, or $100, any amount helps,” Michael Altobelli ‘22 said. “If you’re looking back and deciding to give back, think of all the times that we had: times at lunch, times after school playing basketball, you’re helping someone get the same experience that we did.”

Click here to support Saint Joe's Giving Day.

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