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The Mom Power Behind the Brotherhood


Mrs. Danielle Scalabrini leads a Mothers Club meeting
Danielle Scalabrini

“The Mom-Power Behind the Brotherhood”, also known as the Mothers Club, hit the ground running in 2022 fueled by enthusiasm and love for their sons and their school. 

Led by new moderator Danielle Scalabrini, the Mothers Club is an opportunity for Falcon moms to “harness their talents, ideas and their dedication to the school.”
Scalabrini brings prior experience with fundraising to the role, as well as a driven mindset to honor the successes of the Mothers Club from the past by marrying them with innovative ideas for the future. 

“The Mothers Club is more than a school and more than a Club, but rather a Family that is grounded in tradition and values,” Scalabrini said. “The Club is bound together with the united goal of helping these young men to achieve greatness.”

An Advisory Board of Alumni Moms, headed by Esther Kuchipudi P ‘21, Connie Harbison P ‘21, and Donna Walsh P ‘20/P’22, assisted in the transition of the Mothers Club, navigating two major fundraising events for 2022-2023. The Advisory Board Members were instrumental in the immense success of this year’s Pocketbook Bingo and the 48th Annual Basket Raffle.

The Advisory Board set the tone early on that Mothers Club is a place where Falcon Moms can come together to build a strong kinship, just as their sons do through the Brotherhood of Saint Joseph High School. 

“Saint Joe’s is where your sons build friendships for life, Mothers Club is an opportunity for you to do the same,” Kuchipudi said.

With the end of the school year comes a new Leadership Team instilled by fellow Mothers Club members. Dynamic, dedicated, and team-oriented, this Leadership Team of current Moms is ready to make a difference. 

Scalabrini sees a bright future and continued success for The Mothers Club, as they embark on creating new opportunities next year.

“I am very excited to see what the next generation of Falcon Moms can do to better the school,” Scalabrini said. “We have a lot of ideas on how we can bring together the entire community to benefit Saint Joe’s.”

The Mothers Club is part of the Saint Joseph Parents Club, which also includes the Fathers Club. Over the years, the Parents Club’s initiatives funded school buses, advanced technology for instruction and learning, additional seating for classrooms and community spaces, and yearly donations toward need-based scholarships for our young men.

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