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Saint Joseph Theatre Company Performs "Young Frankenstein"


Saint Joseph Theatre Company Performs "Young Frankenstein"
  • Student Life
Dylan Hollender

The Catanzaro Theatre was roaring with laughter and applause when the Saint Joseph Theatre Company performed Mel Brooks’ Tony Award nominated musical Young Frankenstein the weekend of April 18 - 21. 

The musical is a stage adaptation of Mel Brooks’ 1974 film of the same name starring Gene Wilder. When the company viewed the movie, they knew there was something special about it.

“They turned one of his movies into a musical, which was Young Frankenstein,” Musical Director Roel Mercado ‘07 said. “We watched it. We loved it. We said we could see our guys and girls playing these parts and really embracing this as their own.”

Young Frankenstein follows the grandson of the infamous Dr. Frankenstein as he sets out on his own journey into the world of mad science, but with a comedic twist in the iconic style of Mel Brooks’ writing.

“The comedy of Mel Books is unique in the sense that he pays great attention to what he is parodying and mocking,” Producing Artistic Director Paul Caruso said. “The humor is found in the truth of the subject, and he is sensitive to the greater picture and universal appeal.”

Setting out to create their own take on the musical, the actors, technicians, and directors got to work learning lines, rehearsing the music, and getting ready for the April 18 opening night.

“This production is unlike anything I’ve ever done at Saint Joe’s,” Jason Magistre ‘24, who starred as Igor, said. “It’s funny, it’s hilarious, and we spent a lot of time working on it.”

Young Frankenstein was a hit with audiences. After four heartfelt and comedic performances, the Saint Joseph Theatre Company had created another enjoyable and memorable experience of live entertainment for years to come. 

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