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Saint Joseph High School Introduces Falcon Bridge Program, Empowering Students with an Additional Year of Academic and Developmental Preparation Before High School


Saint Joseph High School Introduces Falcon Bridge Program, Empowering Students with an Additional Year of Academic and Develo
Tim LeCras

In recent years, there has been a growing demand from families who wish to give their son an additional year of academic and developmental preparation before entering high school.

Saint Joseph High School is excited to announce the formation of the Falcon Bridge Program, a program that allows students who graduated eighth grade the opportunity to take a bridge year prior to transitioning into high school. 

Principal Anne Rivera believes this program will provide interested students the opportunity to improve both developmentally and academically.

“This program serves two-fold,” Rivera said. “It allows students more time to mature while still promoting the continuation of learning and academic preparedness through the reinforcement of skills.”

The Falcon Bridge Program provides students with a curriculum that reinforces and expands upon skills acquired during 8th grade across various subject areas to ensure a successful transition to high school. Students will be placed into appropriate level courses based on previously completed classes and placement exams in Science, Mathematics, History, World Languages and electives. Courses specific to the program include a reading/writing intensive English course and an introduction to Theology.

The curriculum is currently being finalized by Jessamyn Bergin, Dean of Studies, along with the Department Chairs. Bergin believes that the program will push students academically so that they will excel in the classroom once they enroll in high school. 

“By participating in a bridge year before high school, students will be able to build stronger academic skills in a supportive environment,” Bergin said. “We are creating a curriculum that will build on the skills students have already learned, such as reading and writing, while providing the opportunity to enroll in high school level courses in math, science, history and world languages. Since they are not repeating their 8th grade curriculum, there will be a continuation of learning which will allow them to take higher level courses and additional electives during their high school years.”

Outside of the classroom, students will have the opportunity to participate in over 30 clubs and extracurricular activities, although they will not be eligible for high school-level academic competitions or athletic teams.

Saint Joe’s Director of Admissions Miguel Cabrita ‘91 is excited to offer a new program to students who would like an additional year to develop academically and physically before entering high school. He believes the Falcon Bridge Program is the perfect opportunity to integrate into a college prep environment while building upon the foundations students have received in their middle school years.

“Falcon Bridge students will have the chance to integrate into a college prep lifestyle, including classes and extracurricular activities,” Cabrita said. “Students will attend higher level classes that run for 60 minutes, while also introducing more writing intensive programs which incorporate public speaking and presentation skills. The curriculum will take these students to new heights and allow them to accelerate their learning in preparation for high school and college.”

Students must have graduated from 8th grade with a minimum  “B” average to be eligible for the program. 

For more information on the Falcon Bridge Program, please click here.

To learn how to apply or if you have any questions, interested individuals are encouraged to contact Miguel Cabrita, Director of Admissions, either by phone at (732) 549-7600 x223 or via email at