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NJ State Police K-9 Unit Presents to Forensic Science Class


NJ State Police K-9 Unit Presents to Forensic Science Class
  • Academics
Dylan Hollender

Students in Mr. Daniel Chedid ‘11’s Forensic Science class got to explore the career paths available to them after graduation thanks to a presentation on the science behind K-9 unit dogs by parent Sergeant Tim Neville ‘93.

Neville, a Sergeant First Class within the New Jersey State Police, has been involved in law enforcement for 21 years, with the last 14 ½ being dedicated to the K-9 unit. He currently partners with JD, a K-9 who specializes in explosives patrol. 

After speaking with Chedid at a parent-teacher conference for his son Tyler ‘25, who is enrolled in the course, SSgt. Neville saw an opportunity to bring the applications of course material to life with an in-person visit from himself and JD. 

“This is a Forensic Science class, and we use science to train these dogs,” SSgt. Neville said. “I thought it was interesting to mix it up for the boys a little bit, to show them how it applies, and how we in practice can use these dogs to better protect our community and our citizens in the state of New Jersey.”

Forensic Science is one of the many courses that allow students to pursue special interests and potential career paths that may not be covered in a normal classroom setting, including STEM initiatives.

“It’s so easy to talk about something, and the students are always wondering ‘How can I apply this in real life?’” Chedid said. “To bring someone in from the outside that’s actually doing it shows them that what they’re learning here will actually apply in the real world and they can really make it their own.”

Presentations like SSgt. Neville’s are one of the many ways that alumni and current parents are able to assist students in learning about the different bright futures available to them after graduation. If you are an alumnus or parent that would like to speak with a course or club related to your field, you can reach out to John Eppensteiner ‘02, Director of Alumni Relations, at