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Kairos Retreats - Building a Brotherhood One Brick at a Time


Kairos Retreats have become a staple part of the Saint Joseph experience since being introduced to Saint Joe's in 2019.
  • Campus Ministry
Jack Kemler '24

Kairos retreats have become a staple aspect of the Saint Joseph experience. 

A four-day retreat centered on faith, Kairos was introduced to campus in October 2019 by Tracey Coudriet, Director of Campus Ministry. In the five years since, there have been 15 “life changing” experiences and counting. 

Those who go on Kairos are provided the opportunity to enhance their relationships with themselves, other retreatants, and above all God.

Cameron Moghaddas '24, a first-time retreatant on the February Kairos, said, "I started praying every day and strengthening my relationship with God." 

The students are split up by leaders and retreatants. Student leaders are able to inspire and guide their fellow peers, allowing for an impactful and eye-opening experience.

“Going to Kairos as a student leader gives the retreat gives you a new perspective on the whole experience, guiding your fellow classmates through their journey,” Kairos student leader Kaiden Thomas ‘24 said.

During the retreat, students listened to inspirational talks given by student and adult leaders, shared in small group discussions, and participated in other activities designed to create this “once in a lifetime” experience.

Retreatants have the opportunity to establish a personal connection with their teachers who accompany them on the trip. 

“Student and teacher relationships usually doesn't go past the classroom,” Thomas said, “but on Kairos you definitely get to know your teachers more 

 Kairos is a shining example of the brotherhood in Saint Joe’s

“[Kairos] is not only serious, opening up with each other about our faith and our journeys,” Moghaddas said, “It’s also about joking around and just enjoying where you are, enjoying that peace within your little circle, and creating great relationships inside the brotherhood.”

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