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All students are automatically considered for an academic scholarship.  Academic scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen who perform at the top of their class on the Saint Joseph Entrance & Scholarship Exam. These incoming freshmen must also have scored in the top percentiles in prior standardized tests and must have achieved high marks on previous report cards.

Please note that Saint Joseph attracts many high achieving students and, therefore, the awarding of academic scholarships is extremely competitive. Students eligible for academic scholarships will receive notification with the offer of admission.

Additional scholarships are available to students who meet the individual scholarship criteria, including, but not limited to, a formal essay. Please see below for a list of scholarships:

Saint Joe's Scholarships for the Class of 2028

No application Required

Saint Joe's Scholarships for the Class of 2028

Applicants must submit a 500 word essay which answers all of the following questions:

Why do you wish to attend Saint Joseph High School? How do you see Saint Joseph High School benefiting your personal growth, academic growth, and spiritual growth? What do you expect to contribute to the Saint Joseph Community?  

Application Instructions

  • Applicants must submit the required essay by the January 15, 2024 deadline. Note: Only one application is needed to qualify and be considered for all scholarships listed below.

  • Applicants will submit only one essay for all eligible scholarships. 

  • Applicants must be in good standing at his prior school, score in the top 50 percent on the Saint Joseph High School entrance exam, and have the equivalent of a B average during the previous school year.  Please note that some scholarships have specific criteria. 

Notification of the scholarship award takes place by February 1, 2024. Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA for the renewable scholarships. 

Submit Your Application

External Scholarships for the Class of 2028

Scholarships granted by external organizations. Additional application and essay may be required.