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"The Open House was so well-organized, and the students at Saint Joe's were very well-spoken, and my husband and I were extremely impressed. My son could not get over how many clubs and sports would be available to him next year. We didn't consider Saint Joe's at first, but now we are glad we did."

–Parent from St. James in Basking Ridge

"Although our neighbors had a son at Saint Joe's and spoke so highly of it, we wanted to see the Open House for ourselves. We were blown away by the friendliness of all the students and staff. Having had the opportunity to listen to the President of the school speak to us was impressive. The tour guides (and I say guides plural because we went on 2 tours to see if anything would be different) were very informative and both covered the same information which proved to us that the Open House was very well planned out. We looked at other Open Houses, including my son's first choice, and nothing compared to this experience. My son can't wait to take the Entrance test for Saint Joe's, and it is safe to say that Saint Joe's is now his first choice."

-Parent from St. Augustine's School in Kendall Park

"My husband and I had never considered Saint Joseph High School but my son came home after Saint Joe's visited his school and couldn't stop talking about the place. We decided to check out the Open House and were extremely impressed. We are looking forward to sending our 3 boys to Saint Joe's if they are fortunate enough to be accepted."

-Parent from Immaculate Conception in Clinton

"My son has been dreaming of going to Saint Joe's since he was in the 3rd grade. Finally, the time is here, and he couldn't be more excited. We were thrilled by the experience of the Open House. My wife and I were very impressed because it seemed that the Open House was very well organized. My wife and I both agreed that it was the best Open House we attended. We went to several Open Houses, including one the same day, and none matched the level of professionalism we experienced at Saint Joe's. Thank you for making our decision an easy one. We look forward to being members of the Saint Joseph High School Community."

–Parent from Orange Avenue School in Cranford.

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"Out of all the Open Houses we attended, the Saint Joe's Open House is in a league of its own. The students at Saint Joe's have a maturity level beyond their years. The boys were so helpful as they greeted us by our car and led us in to the building, talking with us the entire way. Before my husband and I even stepped through the doors, we knew this would be the right fit. We really want to say thank you to the boys who helped us. They engaged our son in conversation about Saint Joe's and we feel that really sold the school to our son. We have been sending our two boys to public school but now feel that Saint Joe's will afford them more opportunities than any other school."

Parent from Holy Trinity in Westfield