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Falcon Bridge Program

In recent years, there has been a growing demand from families who wish to give their son an additional year of academic and developmental preparation before entering high school.

Saint Joseph High School’s Falcon Bridge Program offers students an opportunity to undergo additional preparation, ensuring a smooth and successful transition into high school. With its tailored curriculum and extracurricular opportunities, Saint Joe's aims to provide students with a comprehensive and supportive environment during their bridge year.

Reclassifying a student provides them with an extra year to mature and develop both mentally and physically, enabling them to build a stronger foundation before embarking on their high school journey. 

The Falcon Bridge Program provides students with a tailored curriculum that reinforces and expands upon skills acquired during 8th grade across various subjects to ensure a successful transition to high school. Courses specific to the program include a reading/writing intensive English course and an introduction to Theology. Students will be blended with the rest of the Saint Joe’s student body for Science, Mathematics, History and Physical Education courses, based on previous course history. 

While enrolled in the Falcon Bridge Program, students will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, although they will not be eligible for high school-level academic competitions or athletic teams.

To obtain further information about the Falcon Bridge Program and to learn how to apply, interested individuals are encouraged to contact Mr. Miguel Cabrita, the Director of Admissions, either by phone at (732) 549-7600 x223 or via email at

About the Falcon Bridge Program