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Senior of the Month


Saint Joseph High School cooperates with the Edison Rotary Club in honoring our seniors for their community service along with their overall record as a Saint Joseph student.  Each month, two seniors will be chosen as “Seniors of the Month.”  Each month, honorees and their families are invited to a Rotary Breakfast to receive a certificate of recognition (seniors go free, and families have a nominal payment).  At the end of the year, all the award winners (free) and their families (cost TBA) are invited to a dinner where one student from each of the high schools in the Rotary’s area will be chosen as “Senior of the Year” and awarded a scholarship funded by the Edison Rotary.  Award winners need not be Edison residents, just a senior student who has done community service and has a "solid" record (academic/discipline) at Saint Joseph High School.

Students are selected for the award on the basis of criteria given to us by the Edison Rotary.  They wish us to select students who have achieved academically (at least a 2.1 GPA), have strong disciplinary records and, more importantly, students who have given back to their community through community service.  The academic/discipline records of our students are easy to ascertain.  However, an individual’s community service can easily be overlooked in a school that draws students from over 60 different communities in 5 different counties.

If the senior student is involved in significant community service and would like to be considered for this award, the student should contact Mrs. Coudriet for additional details.  An anonymous committee will review the applications and determine the appropriate selections.

There are a total of 10 months and two students each month, so we will only be choosing a total of 20 students out of the senior class.  Although a high GPA and little or no discipline records are helpful factors, the student's community service is of most importance.

Any senior interested in receiving additional information, or if they have any specific questions should contact Mrs. Coudriet.
(732) 549-7600 x 229