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Mission & Philosophy


The mission of Saint Joseph High School is to form young men, preparing them for life through holistic education in the Catholic traditions of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.


The 200-year tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is grounded in a holistic approach to education. We believe that young persons learn from their total experience of the school setting.

The most important aspect of any Catholic education is the development of Christian values and the transmission of the Catholic heritage. Our efforts to have religion spread through the school include Campus Ministry programs, modeling of Christian values, service with others, and religious activities and symbols in the school.

We advocate an orderly and disciplined environment that is respectful, consistent and fair, and based on a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation. To promote an environment characterized by Christian concern and friendly discipline, we give our personal attention to developing open and genuine relationships with our students and parents through opportunities outside of class time and in less formal settings.

We view academic excellence as the development of our students to the maximum of their potential. We establish a demanding curriculum, provide interesting lessons, and continually adapt our curriculum to help our students become the persons God created them to be.