Br. Matthew Scanlon, S.C.
Running outline for Brother Matt's freshman course, Catholicism - Periods 3, 4 and 6


WELCOME, CLASS OF 2019! Ametur Cor Jesu!

"Catholicism" is a full year survey of the Catholic faith in her dogmas, apostolic service, sacraments, the Scriptures and life of prayer. No prior instruction in the Catholic faith is necessary for this course. We all begin this adventure together within the context of the St. Joseph High School community.

Thursday, September 3 - Very brief introduction to the course following the dictum of the patron of students and of Religious Studies, St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P.-- "Grace builds on nature."

Tuesday, Sept. 8 - (The Nativity of Our Lady) General introduction to the course...Filling out Religious Ed information cards.St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P...."Grace builds on nature."

Wed., Sept 9 - Assigned Reading

Thursday, Sept. 10 - (St. Nicholas of Tolentine, O.S.A. - Villanova University) Introductory notes on "Philosophy;" Course rationale taken from St. Augustine: "You have made us for Yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You." Hedonism, Nihilism, Communism and Christianity as philosophies.

Friday, Sept. 11 - Spirituality and Religion; The Communion of Saints: 1. We, the living, 2. The souls in purgatory and 3. Those in Heaven..

Monday, Sept. 14 - (The Exaltation of the Holy Cross) College of Holy Cross; Fleshing out of St. Augustine's quote about the theme of the "restless heart" or Springsteen's "hungry heart." St. Augustine's quote about our relationship with God: "You have made us for Yourself, O God, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You." ......Aquinas and grace building on nature....St. Anselm's definition of Theology: "Faith seeking understanding." The Cross of Jesus as a "recycled" symbol; Review for tomorrow's test on notes to date.

Tuesday, Sept. 15 - (Our Lady of Sorrows) Test on introductory material. Text, "Introduction to Catholicism" is due EACH DAY HENCEFORTH! Spirituality and Religion;

Wednesday, Sept. 16 - Various popular philosophies: Hedonism, Nihilism, Christianity.

Thursday, Sept. 17 - (St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J.) St. Peter's University; Jesus' recycling of the cross as a symbol; Our lives patterned on the life of Jesus: Dying and Rising; PHILOSOPHY: "The way we look at life"
HEDONIST PHILOSOPHY: Pleasure gives life meaning. Meaning
THE HEDONIST MOTTO: "If it feels good, do it!"
"Pleasure" = Sex, Power and Money

Friday, Sept 18 . - ; Stages of faith development;

Monday, Sept. 21 - (Feast of St. Matthew) Faith development; Wrap-up of non-Christian philosophies; Definitions of "spirituality" and "religion"

Tuesday, Sept. 22 - REVIEW for tomorrow's test on the course introductory material, Part 2

Wednesday, Sept. 23 - TEST; Introduction of Chapter 1. Textbook ABSOLUTELY needed henceforth!

Thurs, Sept. 24 - Faith development: The stages of : childhood faith; adolescent faith; adult faith and the levels on which faith develops: Mind; Heart; Soul; The call of St. Matthew, a role model for all of us.

Fri., Sept 25 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 1.

Monday, Sept 28 (Good St. King Wenceslaus, Patron of the Czech Republic and Harbinger of Christmas! and St. Lorenzo Ruiz) - Presentation for the reasons our faith seems to leave us when, perhaps, we need God the most: Human nature, Ourselves and God.

Tues., Sept 29 - (Feast of the Archangels, Sts. Michael, Gabriel and Raphael) Review questions and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 1.

Wed., Sept 30 - No classes

Thurs, Oct. 1 - (St. Therese of Lisieux, O.Carm, The Little Flower) The "Little Way" of St. Therese; Knowing God through: Reason, Experience and Believing another. The Catholic belief of finding God's will in BOTH Scripture and Tradition;

Fri., Oct. 2 - (The Guardian Angels) The idea of doing good and disappearing akin to our guardian Angels; Scripture Workshop at end of Chapter 1; Review for Monday's Chapter 1 Test.

Mon., Oct. 5 - Chapter 1 Test

Tues., Oct 6 - Ways of learning about anything but especially about God: Experience, Reason and Believing another person.

Wed. Oct 7 - (Our Lady of the Rosary) - Praying the Rosary; A major Catholic prayer form; the Physicality of the Rosary; The stages the Scriptures went through: Life, Oral and Written

Thurs. Oct 9 - Freshman Cup, No Classes

Friday, Oct 10 - "Sola Scriptura" vs. Scripture AND Traditon; Traditio vs. Tradita...Review for Tuesday's test.

Tuesday, Oct. 13 - Test on Part 1 of Chapter 2

Wed. Oct. 14 - PSAT testing

Thurs., Oct 15 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 2, pages 28 and 29

Fri. Oct 16 - Chapter 2 Test

Tues., Oct. 20 - Intro to Chapter 3

Wed., Oct 21 - Follow-up on today's assembly on the sanctity of human life.

Thurs, Oct 22 - The interpretation of Sacred Scripture: Fundamentalists vs Contextualists; Catholics, The Orthodox and Main Line Protestants as needing BOTH the text AND the context.

Friday, Oct 23 - Sin as decreation. The 3 necessary elements for a sin to be mortal. Venial Sin; Addiction

Monday, Oct. 26 - Review for tomorrow's test.

Tuesday, Oct 27 - Test: Part 1 of Chapter 3.

Wed., Oct. 28 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 3

Thurs., Oct.29 - The problem of evil; "courage and confidence" in the face of disappointments and hurts; review for Chapter 3 test.

Fri., Oct. 30 - Chapter 3 Test; All Saints Eve, Day and All Souls;

Mon., Nov. 2 - All Souls Day, Liturgy

Tues., Nov. 3 - Brother St. Martin de Porres, O.P

Wed., Nov. 4 - The magi; The move of the Christ Event beyond the Jewish community

Thurs., Nov. 5 - The four evangelists; The main idea contained in each of the Synoptic gospels: Mark, Matthew and Luke; John's focus on the meaning of Jesus; the theology of St. John the Divine

Fri., Nov. 6 - Test on Part 1 of Chapter 4.

Mon., Nov 9 - Review and Reflect quesitons at the end of Chapter 4

Tues., Nov. 10 - Chapter 4 Test.

Wed., Nov.11 - God as father, as Abba; Titles for God

Thurs., Nov. 12 - God-talk and gender; The Trinity

Fri,. Nov., 13 - Test on Part 1 of Chapter 5.

Mon., Nov. 16 - (St. Margaret of Scotland) God's love and human love; Review and Reflect questions on pages 74 and 75.

Tues., Nov 17 - Review for Chapter 6 test; Scripture Search

Wed., Nov. 18 - Chapter 5 Test.

Thurs., Nov. 19 - A member of our SJHS Guidance Dept. will be doing a presentation in each of my freshmen classes today.

Fri., Nov. 20 Intro to Chapter 6

Mon., Nov. 23 - To Cor Jesu Chapel: Stained Glass Windows; Stations of the Cross; Central Crucifix; Sts. Margaret Mary Alacoque, Stanislaus Kostka, Therese of Lisieux and John the Divine; Prayer for the Holy Souls.

Tues., Nov. 24 - Prayer and a living a lifestyle of thanksgiving. HAPPY THANKSGIVING......GOBBLE.......GOBBLE......GOBBLE

Mon., Nov. 30 - Titles of the Second Person of the Trinity; Word of God

Tues., Dec. 1 - YHWH; Definitions for "Jesus" "Son of God" "Christ" "Savior"

Wed., Dec. 2 - Test on titles of Jesus

Thurs., Dec. 3 - (St. Francis Xavier, SJ) Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 6.

Fri., Dec. 4 - Chapter 6 Test

Mon., Dec. 7 - Intro to Chapter 7, The Holy Spirit; The Immaculate Conception

Tues., Dec. 8 - Our Lady, Patroness of The U.S.A. Mary Immaculate; Notre Dame; Mary, Queen of the Poor; Hope of the friendless; Mary, tabernacle of Jesus;

Wed. Dec. 9 - St. Juan Diego, St. Juan Diego as a symbol of Jesus being more than a Jewish event or a Jewish/Gentile event; Our Lady of Guadalupe; Mary's preferential option for the poor

Thurs., Dec 10 - The fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit; The virtue of Prudence

Fri., Dec. 11 - The Reflect and Review questions at the end of Chapter 7; The "Veni Creator Spiritus" from Taize on Youtube.

Mon., Dec. 14 - Introduction to the film of Rumer Godden's novel, "Black Narcissus."

Tues., Dec. 15 - The film, "Black Narcissus"

Wed., Dec. 16 - "Black Narcissus"

Thurs., Dec. 17 - End film and review for tomorrow's test

Fri., Dec. 18 - Test, "Black Narcissus" ....POSTPONED

Mon., Jan. 4 - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, S.C.; Review for "Black Narcissus" Test.

Tues. Jan 5 - (St. John Neumann, C.S.s.R) Test, "Black Narcissus"

Wed., Jan. 6 - Epiphany of Our Lord which was celebrated this past Sunday; Intro to Chapter 8, "The Church"

Thurs., Jan 7 (St. Brother Andre Bessette, C.S.C.) The 4 marks of the church;

Mon., Jan. 11 - Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J. and his "Models of the Church;" Review for tomorrow's Chapter 8 test.

Tues., Jan. 12 - Chapter 8 test to date.

Wed., Jan. 13 - Year of Consecrated Life film, "Beloved" by the Dominican Sisters of Nashville.

Thurs. Jan 14 - Review for Midterm

Fri., Jan 15 - Review for Midterm

Mon., Jan 25 - School is closed but complete classwork assigned in the homework section of this site.

Tues., Jan 26 - School is closed but please complete classwork assigned in the homework section of this site.

Wed., Jan 27 - (St. Angela Merici, O.S.U) Review chapter 8 work done at home during the snow days.

Thurs., Jan 28 - St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P.; Test on part 1 of Chapter 8; Aquinas and Theology; Aquinas and Eucharistic Spirituality

Fri., Jan 29 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 8

Mon., Feb. 1 - Role of Catholic Schools in the USA; Mother Cabrini and Mother Seton as Catholic school icons

Tues., Feb 2 Review for Chapter 8 test.

Wed., Feb. 3 - St. Claudine Thevenet, R.J.M.; Chapter 8 test.

Thurs., Feb 4 - The Liturgical Year

Fri., Feb 5 - SNOW DAY work is posted under the "Homework" section of this site. There will be, as announced Thursday, a test on this material on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Mon., Feb 8 - The Sacraments of Initiation

Tues., Feb. 9 - Test on part 1 of Chapter 9; Ash Wednesday preparation

Ash Wednesday, Feb. 10 - (St. Scholastica, OSB) - Catholic Christian solidarity in fasting, prayer, works of penance and works of mercy.

Mon., Oct. 5 - Completion of Review and Reflect exercises on Pages 28 and 29.

Tus., Oct. 7 - (Our Lady of the Rosary) - The Rosary; Review for tomorrow's Chapter 2 Test.

Wed., Oct. 8 - Chapter 2 Test.

Thurs., Oct. 9 - Chapter 3, The Old Testament; Literalists vs. Contextualists; The bible as a libray of books

Fri., Oct 10 - Creation and Decreation (Sin); the 3 criteria necessary for a sin to be mortal;

Tues., Oct 14 - (Liturgy Schedule) Original Sin; The results of the first sin on the world today;

Thurs. Oct. 16 - (St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, VHM) - Test of Part 1, Chapter 3.: St. Margaret Mary's contribution to the understanding of the Sacred Heart of Jesus;

Fri., Oct. 17 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 3

Mon., Oct. 27 - Test on the focus of each of the 4 evangelists and on the symbolic value of each of the 3 gifts brought by the Maji

Tues., Oct 28 - Intro to film, "The Mighty Macs"

Wed., Oct 29 - Film, "The Mighty Macs"

Thurs., Oct. 30 - Film, "The Mighty Macs"

Fri., Oct. 31 - All Hallows Eve; All Saints; All Souls

Mon., Nov. 3 - (Brother St. Martin de Porres, O.P.) - Beloved biracial saint of the Americas and one of the few canonized religious brothers; prep for liturgy

Tues., Nov. 4 - Review for Chapter 4 test.

Wed., Nov. 5 - Chapter 4 test.

Thurs., Nov. 6 - Intro to Chapter 5; Images of God both male and female; God as father

Fri., Nov. 7 - The Trinity; The "roles" of the 3 persons; The importance of forming
healthy images for God; God-talk

Mon., Nov. 10 - (Pope St. Leo the Great) - "Realize, O man, your sublime dignity. You ARE what God BECAME when the Word was made flesh!" -Pope St. Leo; healthy and unhealthy God-talk

Tues., Nov. 11 - Test on Part 1 of Chapter 5.

Wed., Nov. 12 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 5.

Thurs., Nov. 13 - Discuss the Reflect questions in view of healthy God-talk.

Fri., Nov. 14 - Scripture Journal for Chapter 5.

Mon., Nov. 17 - Review for Chapter 5 Test

Tues., Nov. 18 - Chapter Test

Wed., Nov. 19 - Preparation for tomorrow's input from Guidance on suicide.

Thurs., Nov. 20 - Mr. Youpa from Guidance film and presentation on suicide.

Fri., Nov. 21 - (Presentation of Mary) - The Holy Family following the Jewish Law and customs of their time. Sunday's end of the Liturgical Year, the Feast of Christ the King.

Mon., Nov. 22 - Film on Monasticism as part of our observance of the Year of Consecrated Life.

Tues., Nov. 23 - Finish film on Monasticism and prepare for Sunday as the First Sunday of Advent.

Mon., Dec. 1 - Review for Part I, Chapter 6 test tomorrow. Finish film on Monoasticism.

Tues., Dec. 2 - Test, Part I, Chapter 6

Wed., Dec. 3 - Review and Reflect chapter questions for Chapter 6.

Thurs., Dec. 4 - Chapter 6 test.

Fri., Dec. 5 - The Marian dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption; Pentecost and the driving out of inappropriate fear

Mon., Dec. 8 (Feast of the Immaculate Conception) - The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit; the theological virtues

Tues., Dec. 9 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 7 to prepare for tomorrow's chapter test.

Wed., Dec 10 - Chapter 7 Test.

Thurs., Dec. 11 - Intro to Chapter 8, The Church.

Fri., Dec. 12 - (Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas) - Gaudete Sunday, a turn in the Season of Advent towards celebration. Our Lady, Notre Dame, patron of the United States under Her Immaculate Conception.

Mon., Dec. 15 - The 4 marks of the Church: One, Holy, catholic and Apostolic; The Models of the Church a la Avery Dulles, S.J.

Tues., Dec. 16 - The different roles in the Church but absolute equality of all members; The People are the church....

Wed., Dec. 17 - Test, Part 1, The Church.

Thurs., Dec. 18 - Scripture Journal, Chapter 8

Fri., Dec. 19 - Christmas reflections....

Mon., Jan. 5 - Review marks of the church and models of the church; Finish reading Chapter 8

Tues., Jan. 6 - (Traditional Feast of the Epiphany) - Completion of "Review" and "Reflect" questions at the end of Chapter 8, Review for chapter test.

Wed., Jan. 7 - Chapter 8 test.

Thurs., Jan 8 - Intro to Chapter 9: Liturgy and the sacraments; Definition of sacrament; Sacraments of Initiation; Sacraments of healing

Fri., Jan 9: (Venerable Brother Polycarp, S.C. Day) - Sacraments of service; The many kinds of liturgies;

Mon., Jan. 12 - Sacraments to date review; The liturgical calendar; The hinges of Advent and Lent

Tues., Jan 13 - Test on Part 1 of Chapter 9.

Wed., Jan 14 - Introduction to the film of Rumer Godden's "Black Narcissus;" Begin the film.. Review for Midterm

Thurs. Jan. 15 - Film, "Black Narcissus" Review for Midterm.

Fri., Jan. 16 - Film, "Black Narcissus" Review for Midterm.

Prior to the midterm, we were only able to do the introduction to "Black Narcissus" and so the film will be shown during this first week of the 3rd. quarter.

Mon., Jan. 26 - No School.

Tues., Jan 27 - No School.

Wed., Jan 28 - (ST. THOMAS AQUINAS, O.P.) - No School.

Thurs., Jan. 29 - Review for Chapter 9 Test.

Fri., Jan. 30 - (Catholic Schools Week Liturgy Schedule) - Test, Chapter 9

Tues., Feb. 3 - REGISTRATION MATERIALS for next year to be distributed and explained.

Wed. Feb 4 - "Black Narcissus"

Thurs., Feb 5 - "Black Narcissus" DUE TO WEATHER, "Black Nacissus" postponed to 2/10

Fri., Feb 6 - "Black Narcissus"

"Black Narcissus" was not seen beyond the introduction due to weather, etc.

Mon., Feb. 9 - Review of "Sacrament" in general and of Baptism in particular

Tues,. Feb. 10 - (St. Scholastica, OSB) - Scripture and Prayer Journal

Wed,. Feb 11 - (Our Lady of Lourdes) - Test on the sacraments

Thurs., Feb. 12 - "Black Narcissus"

Fri. - Feb. 13 - "Black Narcissus"

Because of weather, attendance and chapter time constraints, "Black Narcissus' has been patiently "on hold" until Monday, Feb. 23.

Mon. Feb 23 "Black Narcissus"

Tues. Feb 24 - "Black Narcissus"

Wed. Feb 25 - "Black Narcissus"

Thurs. Feb 26. - Finish "Black Narcissus" and review film for test.

Fri. Feb. 27 - (Lenten Mass)Test on "Black Narcissus" Postponed to Tuesday, 3/3

Tues., March 3 - Test on "Black Narcissus"

Wed., March 4 - Important points about Confirmation

Mon., March 9 - Test on Confirmation to date.

Tues. March 10 - Intro to the Sacrament of Sacraments, The Eucharist

Wed. March 11 - Liturgy of the Word / Liturgy of the Eucharist

Thurs. March 12 - Readings and Intentions

Fri, March 13 - Youtube film on The Mass from the Archdiocese of Chicago

Mon., March 16 - Review for tomorrow's test on Chapter 12

Tues. March 17 Test on Chapter 12.

Wed., March 18 - Intro to Chapter 13

Thurs., March 19 - Reconciliation as both a human and a religious necessity.

Fri. March 20 - Mortal/Venial sins and their criteria

Mon. March 23 - The inner and outer steps in the Sacrament of Penance

Tues., March 24 - Chapter 13 Review and Reflect questions as review for chapter test

Wed., March 25 (The Annunciation) - Chapter 13 Test

Thurs., March 26 - Intro to Maxwell Anderson's play, "The Bad Seed"; The reality of evil in our world.

Mon., March 30 - Continue "The Bad Seed."

Tues. March 31 - (Liturgy Schedule); The Liturgies of the Triduum

Wed., April 1 - Holy Week

Mon., April 13 - Assigned work is to be done in NOTEBOOKS.

Tues., April 14 - Assigned work is to be done in NOTEBOOKS.

Wed., April 15 - Sin: Mortal Sin as a lifestyle; The form of the Sacrament of Penance

Thurs., April 16 - Guidance Dept. speaking in each Freshman class for the full period.

Fri., April 17 - Review Part 1 of Chapter 14; Continue with "The Bad Seed."

Mon., April 20 - Test, Part 1 of Chapter 14.

Tues., April 21 - Continue with "The Bad Seed."

Wed., April 22 - Review part 2 of Chapter 14.

Thurs.. April 23 - Test, Part 2 of Chapter 14.

Fri.., April 24 - Wrap up the problem and reality of evil as dealt with in "The Bad Seed."

Mon., April 27 - (Release Time Schedule) Intro to the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick; The spiritual, psychological and physical benefits of the sacrament and of prayers for the sick.

Tues. Apr 28 - Who should be anointed? Responsibilities for ill/dying family members; Anointing of senior citizens, those chronically ill and those facing any kind of surgery

Wed., Apr. 29 - In class completion of Review questions on page 188 and Reflect questions on page 189. Review for chapter 14 test.

Thurs., Apr 30 - Chapter 14 Test.

Fri., May 1 - Our Lady; Begin Chapter 15 on Marriage

Mon., May 4 - Marriage: Impediments; Graces of the sacrament

Tues. May 5 - Review questions and Reflect questions on pages 200, 201

Wed., May 6 - Test on Chapter 15

Thurs.. May 7 - (Release Time Schedule) - Holy Orders and the Evangelical Counsels

Fri. May 8 - The Monastic Orders; The Mendicant Orders: The Congregations

Mon., May 11- Scripture Search and Paayer

Tues. May 12 - Review questions on Chapter 16

Wed. May 13 - Test on Chapter 16

Thurs., May 14 - Intro to Chapter 17

Fri. May 15 - Kinds of prayer; best is to find your own sytle; St Francis de Sales on Prayer

Tues. May 19 - Teacher Absence

Wed. May 20 - Teacher Absence

Thurday May 21 - The first three of the Ten Commandments

Tues. May 26 - Commandments 4 - 10

Wed. May 27 - Calumny/Detraction; Gossip

Thurs. May 28 - Test on the Commandments.

Mon. - June 1 - Finish the Precepts of the Church and Holy Days of Obligation

Tues. June 2 - Test on Precepts and Holy Days

Wed. June 3 - Review for Final

Thus. June 4 - Review for Final

Fri. June 5 - Review for Final

Mon., Sept. 23 - Test on the stages of faith development and on the call of St. Matthew.

Tues., Sept 24 - Presentation on the reasons our faith seems to leave us at times: Human Nature; Ourselves and God.

Wed., Sept. 25 - Test on the levels of faith development and on the reasons for our faith not seeming to be there when we need it.

Thurs., Sept 26 -

Fri., Sept 27 - ( St. Vincent de Paul, C.M.) The history of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Mon. Sept 30 - No Classes.

Tues. Oct. 1 - St. Francis and the rise of the Mendicant Orders: Franciscan, Dominican, Augustinian, Carmelite and Servite; Ways of knowing God; Scripture/Tradition.

Wed. Oct. 2 - Chapter Review and Reflect questions.

Thurs. Oct 3 - Test on Chapter 1

Fri. Oct 4 - Freshman Cup

Mon. Oct 7 - (Our Lady of the Rosary) - Intro to Chapter 2

Tues. Oct. 9 - Inerrancy; Scripture AND Tradition; Ways of learning about anything....about God.

Wed. Oct 10 - Test, Part 1 of Chapter 2

Thurs. Oct 11 - Father James

Fri. Oct 12 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 2

Tues, Oct. 15 - (St. Teresa of Avila) - Contextualists vs. Fundamentalists; Two creations accounts; Finish Review and Reflect questions for Chapter 2

Wed. Oct 16 - (St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, VHM) Standardized Testing Day, no class.

Thurs. Oct 17 -

Fri Oct 18 - Review for chapter 2 test to date on Tuesday next.

Mon. Oct 21 - No classes

Tues. Oct 22 - Test on Chapter 2.

Wed. Oct 23 - Bible Journal

Thurs. Oct 24 -

Fri. Oct 25 - Introductory material to Chapter 3

Mon. Oct 28 - Film, "The Mighty Macs"

Tues Oct. 29 - "The Mighty Macs" continues.

Wed. Oct. 30 - Finish "The Mighty Macs."

Thurs. Oct. 31

Fri. Nov 1 - All Saints Day Liturgy; All Saints/All Souls: The Communion of Saints; The 3 things necessary for a sin to be mortal; The 3 results of the first sin

Mon. Nov 4 - Review for tomorrow's test. Finish "The Mighty Macs"

Tues. Nov 5- Test on part 1 of Chapter 3

Wed. Nov. 6 - The communion of saints; Pope St. Leo the Great: "Caro cardo salutis." The importance of the body in salvation. "God-talk, images of God" Metaphors and similes for God in the Old and New Testaments.

Thurs. Nov 7 -

Fri. Nov 8 - Chapter 3 test

Mon., Nov 11 - Veterans Day, The main idea of each of the evangelists

Tues., Nov 12 - The gifts and the meaning of the 3 Kings...symbol of church moving beyond The Jews

Wed. Nov. 14 - Test on Chapter 4 to date.

Thurs. Nov 15 - Speaker from the Guidance Dept. in each class....full period.

Fri. Nov.l6 - Completion of Review and Reflect questions at the end of chapter 4

Mon. Nov. 18- Review for Chapter 4Test.

Nov. 19 - Chapter 4 Test.

Wed., Nov. 20 - The many forms of "thanksgiving"....the eucharist

Thurs. Nov 21 - The Trinity

Fri, Nov. 22 - Scripture Journal,

Mon., Nov. 25 - Notes on "God Talk"

- Images of God in the Old Testament.

- Jesus' proclamation of God as "Father."

- Jesus' miracles as proclaiming the Messiah and the kingdom of God.

- The tension between the "already" and the "not yet" in the realization of the kingdom of God.........THY KINGDOM COME!

Mon, Dec. 2 - God's presence in the world; God's relation to the world; The roles of each person in the Blessed Trinity.

Tues. Dec. 3 - Scripture Journal

Wed., Dec 4 - Test, part I of Chapter 5

Thurs., Dec. 5 - Review questions for Chapter 5

Fri., Dec. 6 - Feast of St. Nicholas; Consideration of the "Reflect" questions for Chapter 5.

Mon., Dec. 9 - "ICHTHYS" the four major "titles" of Jesus; The two natures, the hypostatic union.

Tues., Dec. 10 - Test on Chapter 5

Wed. Dec. 11 - "Son of God" as used in the Old and New Testaments; Logos Theology

Thurs.., Dec. 12 - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Test on part I of Chapter 6

Fri., Dec. 13 - Feast of St. Lucy, a major Christmas pointer! Review Questions at the end of Chapter 6

Friday, Dec 14 - Chapter 6 Test

Monday, Dec. 16 - Presentation of Rumer Godden's "Black Narcissus"

Tuesday, Dec. 17 - "Black Narcissus" continued...postponed to Jan. 3

Wednesday, Dec. 18 - Finish "Black Narcissus" and review for test.

Thursday, Dec. 20 - Test on the film, "Black Narcissus"

Friday, Dec. 21 - Reflection on Pope St. Leo the Great's quote: "Remember, man, your sublime dignity. You ARE what God BECAME when the Word was made flesh." The wonder of the Incarnation.

Wed., Jan. 2 - Review for test on "Black Narcissus"

Thurs., Jan 3 - Test on "Black Narcissus"

Fri., Jan 4 - Intro to Chapter 7, The Holy Spirit

Mon., Jan. 7 - The Holy Spirit, Romans 8; The Sanctifier

Tues., Jan 8 - Intensive reading pages 92 - 98

Wed., Jan. 9 - Completion of Review and Reflect questions on pages 98 and 99.

Thurs, Jan. 10 .- Review for Midterm and for Chapter 7 test.

Fri., Jan. 11 - Midterm review.

Mon., Jan. 14 - Midterm Review

Tues., Jan. 22 - Review "The Holy Spirit."

Wed., Jan 23 - Snow Day

Thurs., - Father James on the Holy Spirit

Fri., Jan 24 - Review Questions

Mon., Jan. 27 - Test - Part 1, Chapter 7

Tues., Jan. 28 - St. Thomas Aquinas, O.P. - St Thomas, patron of students, teachers and theologians;

WedJan 29 - Review for Chapter Test

Thurs Jan 30 Chapter 7 Test...postponed to Wed., Feb 7

Fri Jan. 31 - The roots of the US parochial school system

Mon., Feb 3 Feast of St. Claudine Thevenet, R.J.M.

Tues.Feb 4 - Models of the Church...(POSTPONED)

Wed., Feb 5 - Models of the Church

Thurs., Feb 6 .-Review for Chapter 7 test (Postponed due to Frosh Registration)

Fri., Feb 7 - Review for Chapter 7 Test

Mon., Feb 10 - St. Scholastica, OSB and Benedictine Monasticism....Chapter 7 Test

Tues., Feb. 11 - (Our Lady of Lourdes/Day of Healing) - The 4 marks or distinguishing characteristics of the Catholic Church.

Wed., Feb. 12 - Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ and his "Models of the Church."

Thurs., Feb. 13 - Test on Part 1 of Chapter 8; The admixture of the human and the divine in the Catholic Church.

Fri., Feb. 14 - (St. Valentine's Day) - Scripture Journal

Mon. Feb 24 - Completion of Chapter 8 Review and Reflect questions at the end of the chapter.

Tues., Feb 25 - (Collection of hard copy Registration Forms!) - Review for Chapter 8 Test.

Wed., Feb 26 - Chapter 8 Test

Thurs. Feb 27 - Intro to Chapter 9, The Sacraments; Traditional definition of a sacrament in three parts.

Fri., Feb. 28 - The Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation

Mon., March 3 - Test on part 1 of Chapter 9.

Tues., March 4 - Part 1 of Chapter 9 test - Lent beginning with tomorrow's Ash Wednesday.

Wed., March 5 - Ash Wednesday - Review of Chapter 9 for tomorrow's test.

Thursday., March 6 -

Fri, March 7 - Chapter 9 Test

Mon., March 10 - Intro to film of Rumer Godden's "Black Narcissus" and beginning of the film

Tues., March 11 - "Black Narcissus" continued

Wed., March 12 - "Black Narcissus" continued

Thurs., March 13 - "Black Narcissus" concludes with review of plot and literary techniques. No test on "Black Narcissus"

Fri., March 14 - Chapter 10, Baptism.

Mon., March 17 - (St. Patrick) Chapter 10 concludes with chapter review questions and prep for tomorrow.s Chapter 10 Test; St. Patrick

Tues., March 18 - (St. Cyril of Jerusalem) Chapter 10 Test.

Wed., March 19 - (St. Joseph) - The role of St. Joseph in the history of salvation; St. Joseph as patron of the Universal Church; patron of a "good" death; patron of workers; patron of men.

Thurs., March 20 - Intro notes on Chapter 11, Confirmation.

Fri., March 21 - Intensive reading of Chapter 11; Confirmation as a rite of maturity in our religious responsibilities, graces of Confirmation.

Mon., March 24 - Chapter 11 continued; Review and Reflect questions at the end of the chapter.

Tues., March 25 - (The Annunciation) The role of Mary in salvation history; Mary's "Yes!"
Review for Chapter ll test.

Wed., March 26 - Chapter ll Test.

Thurs., March 27 - Intro to Chapter 12

Fri., March 28 - Intensive reading of Chapter 12.

Mon., March 31 - Notes on different liturgies...The Mass

Tues., April 1 - Liturgy of Word/Eucharist;

Wed., Apr. 2 - Test, Part 1 of Chapter 12

Thurs., Apr. 3 - Wrap up on the Eucharist; The Eucharist and forgiveness of sins; Prayer at Communion

Fri., Apr. 4 - Scripture Journal, Chapter 12

Mon., Apr. 7 - Chapter 12 Reflect questions.

Tues., Apr. 8 - Chapter 12 Scripture Journal continued.

Wed., Apr. 9 - Intro to the Sacrament of Reconciliation; Review of ingredients for the commission of a serious sin.

Thurs., Apr. 10 -

Fri., Apr. 11 - No classes

Mon., Apr. 14 - Review for Chapt 13 test, Part 1

Tues., Apr. 15 - Chapter Test, Part 1

Wed., Apr. 16 - (Spy Wednesday) - A human and theological look at Judas and Peter

Thurs., Apr 17 - Fr. Ron Rolheiser, O.M. I. film on the Resurrection.

Mon., Apr. 28 - Review Chapter 13 for tomorrow's chapter test.

Tues., Apr 29 - Chapter 13 Test

Wed., Apr. 30 - The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Thurs., May 1 - (St. Joseph the Worker) Who should be anointed? Responsibility for ill loved ones especially when hospitalized.

Fri., May 2 - Introduction to the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Mon., May - 5 - The Chapter 14 test is postponed to Tues., May 6.

Tues., May 6 - Chapter Test

Wed., May 7 - Finish Sacrament of Matrimony; Introduce Sacrament of Holy Orders

Thurs., May 8 - Sacrament of Holy Orders; The Evangelical Counsels - Religious Life; Religious Orders/Congregations

Friday, May 9 - Test on Chapter 16

Monday, May 12 - Review and Reflect questions at end of Chapter 16.

Tuesday, May 13 - End-of-year project on the Corporal Works of Mercy explained

Wed., May 14 - Freshmen Spirituality Day

Thurs.., May 15 - The 3 kinds of Prayer; Prayer as relating to God; Prayer of Examen

Mon, May 19 - Meditation, Contemplation and Shared Prayer

Tues., May 20 - Test on Chapter 17

Wed., May 21 - Oprah Winfrey segment on the rise of the Dominican Sisters of Nashville with discussion

Thurs., May 22 - Open forum on priesthood and religious life.

Tues., May 27 - (St. Augustine of Canterbury) The film, "Trappist" to help understand the nature of "call" to religious life and the many, many possibilities therein; Final Project is due tomorrow!

Wed., May 28 - Intro and screening of Maxwell Anderson's "The Bad Seed"

Ascension Thursday - "The Bad Seed" continues.

Fri., May 29 - Conclusion and discussion of "The Bad Seed"

Mon., June 2 - Concluding discussion on "Catholicism"

Tues., June 3 - The benefits and concerns of summertime, the virtue of Prudence revisited.

Wed., June 4 - Wrap up; The spiritual opportunities of summertime; Prudence!

Wed, Feb. 12 - The sacraments of healing and of service

Thurs., Feb 13 - Chapter Test

Fri., - Feb. 14 St. Valentine.....Necessity of symbols to express love..

Mon., Feb. 25 - Intro to Chapter 11, Confirmation

Tues., Feb. 26 - Material and effects of the sacrament

Wed. Feb 27 - Test on Chapter 11 to date.

Thurs. Feb. 28 - Completion of Review and Reflect questions at end of Chapter 11 as preparation for tomorrow's Chapter 11 test.

Fri., March 1 - Chapter Test

Mon., March 4 - Introduction to Chapter 12, The Eucharist

Tues., March 5 - The sacrament of sacraments; frequent communion; the 2 parts of the Mass.

Wed., March 6 - Review and Reflect questons at the end of Chapter 12 (p. 161)

Thurs., March 7 - Chapter 12 Test

Fri., March 8 - Rev. Robert Baron's film "Catholicism, part 1 (Discussion on Mass took precedence.)

Mon., March 11 - Intro to film series, "Catholicsm."

Tues., March 12 - Thurs., March 14 - Presentation and notes on segments of Baron's "Catholicism.

Fri., March 15 - Test is cancelled due to time taken by discussion/preparation of the election of His Holiness Pope Francis, S.J.

Mon., March 18 - Intro to film, "The Mighty Macs" and begin the screening.

Tues., March 19 - Feast of St. Joseph - St. Joseph; continue screening "The Mighty Macs"

Wed., March 20 - Presentation on Edith Stein, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, O.C.D. in preparation for the presentation by the Holocaust Survivor at school assembly.

Thurs., March 21 - Discussion on Holocaust; Finish "The Mighty Macs"

Friday - March 22 - Wrap up on "The Mighty Macs" and the virtues exemplified by the coach, players and the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Monday - April 8 - (The Annunciation) Introduction of Chapter on the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Forgiveness as part of healthy living; forgiveness as a divine imperative

Tuesday - Apr 9 - St. Augustine as a model of conversion; Jesus forgiving sinners; Jesus and the self-righteous; Conscience and the virtue of Prudence

Wed - Apr 10 - Sin, mortal and venial; The criteria for a sin to be considered serious or mortal

Thurs - Apr 11 - (St. Stanislaus, Martyr) - Test on Chapter 13 to date.

Fri - Apr 12 - Examination of Conscience; Contrition; Confession; Satisfaction (Making Amends); The Prodigal Son/The Forgiving Parent

Mon. - Apr. 15 - Review for tomorrow's Chapter 13 test.

Tues. - Apr. 16 - Chapter 13 test

Wed. - Apr 17 - Life situations calling for the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

Thurs. Apr. 18 - The sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick as another family responsibility for the family of an infirm person;

Fri., Apr 19 - Test on the first half of Chapter 14; My own experiences of having received the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

Mon., Apr. 22 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 14 in preparation for tomorrow's Chapter test.

Tues., Apr. 23 - Chapter 14 Test.

Wed. - Apr. 24 - The Sacrament of Matrimony

Thurs. - Apr. 25 - The "Cana Movement" The 4 preparatory steps prior to marriage; The 4 stages of the average marriage;

Fri., - Apr 26 - Test on the 4 steps and the 4 stages from Thursday.

Mon. - Apr -29 S.Catherine of Siena, O.P. and her ministry at Avignon; Missionary to the Papacy

Tues. - Pope St. Pius V, O.P. - Holy Orders; Celibacy; The diocesan and religious priesthood; The Ordinary and his diocese; Diocese of Metuchen

Wed. - May 1 - St. Joseph the Worker; The evangelical counsels; The brother of the Sacred Heart

Thurs., May 2 - Intensive reading of text pages 206 to 210; Review questions on pages 210 and 211.

Fri., - May 3 - Chapter 16 test.

Mon - May 6 - Chapter 17, Prayer; Prayer like human communication; Jesus at prayer

Tues - May 7 - Prayer like riding a bike.....practice makes perfect; 4 reasons for prayer;
2 attitudes to bring to prayer.

Wed - May 8 - Chapter Review and Reflect questions in prep for tomorrow's chapter test.

Thurs - Ascension Thursday - Chapter 17 test.

See HOMEWORK section for explanation of FINAL PROJECT due on 5/30. That FINAL EXAM project may be handed in any time prior to May 30.

Mon. Nov. 26 - Intro, "America's Heart and Soul" - Film

Tues. Nov 27- (St. Cecilia) - Continue "America's Heart and Soul."

Wed. Nov 28 Image of God the Son; Titles of Jesus

Thurs. Nov 29 " Jesus tells us what it means to be God and also what it means to be fully human; YAHWEH

Fri., Nov. 30 Test on first half of Chapter 5.

Thurs Dec. 1 - Chapter Review and Reflect questions

Fri Dec 2 - Chapter 6 Test.

Mon. Dec. 5 - Introduction to Chapter 7, The Holy Spirit; Confirmation; The Holy Spirit as a source of power for daily living and also for extraordinary times.

Tues. Dec 6 - Feast of St. Nicholas - From St. Nicholas to Santa Claus; The gifts of the Holy Spirit; The apostles' exodus from fear through the power of the Holy Spirit

Wed. Dec. 7 - Chapter Review and Reflect questions

Thurs Dec 8 - The Immaculate Conception; Pentecost as the birthday of the church;

Friday Dec 9 - Scripture Journal

Monday, Dec. 12 (Our Lady of Guadalupe) - Our Lady's preferential option for the poor; The Church as the sacrament of the encounter with God

Tuesday, Dec. 13 (St. Lucy) - The Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 5.

Wednesday, Dec. 14 - Avery Cardinal Dulles,SJ and the "Marks of the Church"

Thursday, Dec. 15 - Father James

Mon., Jan 6 - (Traditional Feast of the Three Kings)

Tues., Jan 7., - Chapter 6 Review and Reflect questions

Wed. Jan 8., - Review for Chapter 6 Test

Thurs., Jan 9. - Chapter 6 Test

Fri., Jan. 10 - Review for Midterm.

Mon., Jan 13 - Midterm Review

Mon., Jan. 16 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, Jan 17 through Friday, Jan. 20 is Midterm Exam week.

Monday, Jan. 23 - Film of Maxwell Anderson"s "The Bad Seed"

Tuesday, Jan 24 - Finish "The Bad Seed."

Wed., Jan 25 - Introduction to Chapter 9, Liturgy.

Thurs., Jan 26 - Definition of a sacrament and presentation on the 7 Sacraments.

Friday, Test on the introduction to Chapter 9.

Mon., Jan. 30 - Review and Reflect questions on text pp 124 an 125

Tues. Jan 31 - Different kinds of liturgies; The Divine Office; Reasons for prayer

Wed. Feb. 1 - Review for chapter test.

Thurs., Feb 2 - Chapter Test

Fri. - (St. Claudine Thevenet, R.J.M.) - The spirituality of Andre Coindre and of the founder of our sister congregation, St. Claudine Thevenet, R.J.M. Liturgy

Mon., Feb. 6 - Registration materials for next year's classes will be distributed; Notes to be given on the sacrament of Baptism.

Tues., Feb. 7 - Test on notes on Baptism.

Wed., Feb. 8 - The matter and form of the sacrament; Baptism of desire and Baptism of blood; Baptizing in emergency (a Lay Person acting as minister)

Thurs., Feb. 9 - Review for Chapter test and completion of Review and Reflect exercises at the end of Chapter 10.

Fri., Feb. 10 - (St. Scholastica, O.S.B.) - Chapter 10 test.

Mon., Feb. 13 - Intro to Confirmation

Tues., Feb. 14 - The importance of symbols in Confirmation and the other sacraments,-Valentine's Day as a day steeped in symbols.

Wed., Feb. 15 - Reflect and Review questions at the end of Chapter 11

Thurs., Feb. 16 - Chapter 11 Test

Fri., Feb 17 - Ash Wednesday and the liturgical season of Lent

Mon., Feb. 27 - (Collection of Registration forms for next year's classes) Introduction to Chapter 12, the Eucharist; The sacrament of sacraments; The two major parts of the Mass

Tues., Feb 28 - Intensive reading, text pages 156 -161; Review of the new translation for Mass.

Wed., Feb 29 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 12.

Thurs., March 1 - Chapter 12 Test

Mon., March 5 - Begin the Sacrament of Penance; The reality of sin; Sin: mortal and venial

Tues., March 6 - Luke 15, The Prodigal Son as a parallel to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Wed., March 7 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 13.

Thurs., March 8 - The 3 criteria necesaary for a sin to be "mortal." Examination of conscience prior to Confession and as a daily exercise.

Fri., March 9 - Perfect and Imperfect contrition; Satisfaction for sin; Firm purpose of amending one's life; Review for Monday's Chapter 13 test.

Mon., March 12 - Chapter 13 Test.

Tues., March 13 - Introduction to the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. St. Joseph, patron of a "good" death.

Wed., March 14 - Who should be anointed? Effects of the Sacrament of Anointing; Viaticum.

Thurs., March 15 - Special class for all freshmen from our Guidance Dept.

Fri., March 16 - Test on Part l of Anointing of the Sick.

Tues., March 20 - Intro to film of the play, "The Trip to Bountiful" by Horton Foote.

Wed., March 21 - Scriture Search

Thurs., March 22 - Film, "The Trip to Bountiful"

Fri., March 23 - Film "The Trip to Bountiful"

Mon., March 26 - End of film and wrap up discussion of Horton Foote's "The Trip to Bountiful."

Tues., March 27 - Introduction to Holy Orders and Religious Life.

Wed., March 28 - Role of Bishops, Priests and Deacons; The evangelical counsels: Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.

Thurs., March 29 - Test on Holy Orders and Religious Life.

Fri., March 30 - No classes

Mon, April 2 - Review and Reflect questions at the end of Chapter 15.

Tues., April 3 - Chapter 16 and the Easter Triduum

Wed., April 4 - "Spy Wednesday" Liturgy

Mon., April 16 - In class reading of Chapter 16

Tues., April 17 - Ecclesiastical geography and canonical diocesan departments

Wed., April 18 - Review questions at end of Chapter 16 and prep for Chapter test.

Thurs., April 19 - Chapter 16 Test

Fri., April 20 - Intro to Chapter 17, different sytles (choices) of prayer

Mon., April 23 - Meditation and Contemplation; Adoration, Contrition Thanksgiving and Supplication as motives for prayer.

Tues., Apr 24 - Test on Prayer

Wed., Apr 25 - Into to Catholic morality; Responsibility to God, self and to others.

Thurs., Apr 26 - Screening of "The Mighty Macs"

Fri., Apr 27 - Screening of "The Mighty Macs"

Mon., Apr. 30 - Catholic Morality, the culture of life.

Tues., May 1 - Review and Reflect questions on pages 236 and 237. (Br. Matt at Diocesan Respect Life Mass and luncheon)

Wed., May 2 - The stages of moral development and review for chapter test.

Thurs., May 3 - Chapter 18 test.

Fri., May 4 - The 10 Commandments: 1-3 dealing with our relationship with God and 4-10 dealing with our relationships with others. Commandments 1 - 3.

Mon., May 7 - The idols of today: sex, power, money, unhealthy friendships/relationships; Superstition and spiritism.

Tues., May 8 - Sunday observance; Setting life priorities; Scandal; Review for test

Wed., May 9 - Test on Chapter 19 to-date.

Mon., May 14 - Intro to the fifth, sixth and seventh commandments. Abortion; Euthanasia and Capital Punishment.

Tuesday, May 15 - Stealing in all its forms; Cheating; Theft of services; Embezzlement

Wed., May 16 - Freshman Spirituality Day

Thurs., May 17 - (Ascension Thursday) Review and Reflect questions at end of Chapter 20 as a review for tomorrow's chapter test.

Fri., May 18 - Chapter 20 test.

Wed., May 23 - Discussion on Our Lady and the Saints using Chapter 23 as a springboard.

Thurs., May 24 - Last test on Chapter 23 and preparation for the feast of Pentecost.

Tues., May 29 - Part I, Review for Final Exam.

Wed., May 30 - Part II, Review for Final Exam

Thurs., May 31 - (Feast of the Visitation) Part III, Review for Final Exam

Fri., June 1 - Final lecture on Catholicism and on the use of summertime!

Wednesday, March 23 - Guest Speaker from our Guidance Dept.

Thursday, March 24 - Guest Speaker from our Guidance Dept.

Friday, March 25 - Feast of the Annunciation - Intro to Chapter 13
Tuesday, March 29 - Reconciliation as a human and Christian imperative; The sacrament; Examination of Conscience

Wed., March 30 - Venial and Mortal Sin; Criteria for a sin to be "mortal;" Mortal Sin as a lifestyle

Thurs., March 31 - Test on the first part of Chapter 13

Fri,. April 1 - Luke 15, "The Prodigal Son;" Review and Reflect questions at the end of the chapter.
Monday, April 4 - Review for Chapter 13 Test

Tuesday, April 5 - Chapter 13 Test

Wednesday, April 6 - Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick

Thursday, April 7 - Holy Orders: Religious and Secular Priests; Bishop as Ordinary and as Auxiliary; Role of Cardinal

Friday, April 8 - Test on Anointing of the Sick and on Holy Orders to date
Monday, April 11 - Holy Orders: Religious and Secular Priests; Bishop as Ordinary; Bishop as Auxiliary; Role of Cardinals under the age of 80

Tuesday, April 12 - The Magisterium; The Papacy; Infallibility;

Wednesday, April 13 - Review and Reflect questions at end of Chapter 15 as Review for tomorrow's Chapter test.

Thursday, April 14 - Chapter 16 Test
Monday, April 18 - Introduction to Chapter 17, Prayer; Prayer as articulation of our relationship with God, self and neighbor; Read pages 216 - 219

Tuesday, April 19 - Jesus as the paradigm for our prayer life; kinds of prayer; reasons for prayer; Text pages 219 - 222

Wednesday, April 20 - (Spy Wednesday) The role of Judas in the Passion; The Sacred Triduum; Easter
Monday, May 2 - Meditation, Conversing with God, Contemplation; Required virtues for prayer: Humility and Perseverance

Tuesday, May 3 - Prayer as: Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication (ACTS); Review of Chapter 17

Wednesday, May 4 - Chapter 17 Test

Thursday, May 5 - Stages of moral development: Deuteronomy 30:19 as foundational for a Catholic's stance towards always choosing LIFE,- Blessed Pope John Paul II and the Culture of Life vs. the Culture of Death.

Friday, May 6 - Test on the Culture of Life (Moved to Monday)
Monday, May 9 - Test on the Culture of Life/Morality

Tuesday, May 10 - The 10 Commandments; Obligations (Response) towards God; Obligations towards neighbor

Wednesday, May 11 - The first 3 Commandments

Thursday, May 12 - Review questions at end of Chapter 19 as preparation for tomorrow's chapter test.

Friday, May 13 - Discussion of "Reflect" questions at the end of Chapter 19 and review for Monday's chapter test.
Monday, May 16 - Chapter 19 Test

Tuesday, May 17 - 4th Commandment; Respecting parental and civil authority; 5th Commandment; Capital Punishment; Euthanasia; Drugs including Alcohol;

Wednesday, May 18 - Freshman Spirituality Day

Thursday, May 19 - 6th and 9th Commandments; 7th and 10th Commandments;
Review for test

Friday, May 20 - Chapter 22 Test
Monday, May 23 - Intro material for Chapter 23

Tuesday, May 24 - Scripture Journal (Br. Matt at Jury Duty)

Wednesday, May 25 - The Last Things: Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

Thursday, May 26 - Quiz on the Last Things
Tuesday, May 31 - (Feast of the Visitation) - Review for Final Exam

Wednesday, June 1 - Review for Final Exam and the Spirituality of the Sacred Heart

Thursday, June 2 - Ascension Thursday Mass and Review for Final Exam

Friday, June 3 - Review for Final Exam and Summertime Exhortations